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CDA Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Collective Dynamics) is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, license number 47884.

  • Data Analytics


    “We believe in proactive retention, which is why we developed the Optimum Dynamic Data Scoring Model (ODDS.)

    ODDS comes as a result of over a decade of business intelligence and the fundamentals of direct marketing ... “70% of the success of any direct marketing campaign is based on the quality of the data.”

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  • ODDS – Optimum Dynamic Data Scoring Model.

    Data Analytics

    Our ODDS model is an actuarial model that we designed to help our clients maximise their data. The ODDS model was ‘trained’ on over 10 years of collection information. Our model allocates a score to each potential customer, indicating the following:

    • Likelihood of a client purchasing a product (response ratio)
    • Likelihood of a client paying the first premium
    • Expected number of months a client would pay premiums

    Based on a unique combination of variables, it allows us to score each customer without infringing on their right to protection of personal information.

    The process of scoring data is simple for our clients. With only an ID number, we can score the data set and design a recommended tailor-made campaign.

    Maximisation of response ratio is based on the inclination to purchase a product, and also looks at the most effective marketing strategy via a multi-channel direct marketing approach.

    With our internal expertise we combine different data sets to allow our clients not only to maximise the data they have available, but more importantly to drive the best possible ROI for each direct marketing initiative.

  • CDA Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Collective Dynamics) is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, license number 47884.

  • Direct Marketing Solutions

    “Strike while the lead is hot” – if a customer is interested in your product, service them and service them now... is our belief.

    We have launched dedicated and successful call centre that is focused on “hot lead” campaigns. In the past few years company’s having access to large pools of data have made use of SMS and e-mail campaigns to identify which customers are interested in a product. The other common place where leads are generated is through the web or even unqualified field agents.

    This is a very effective way of generating sales but can be an expensive way of acquiring a lead. Therefore it is imperative that the call centre contacting these clients is able to do this in the shortest period of time to ensure that the client is not targeted by someone else in the interim and that the client is serviced at the time that they are interested.

    Our solution allows a non qualified field agent to identify a customer who is interested in a product and send through the lead to our call centre. Within a minute of a lead being sent through via any of these mediums, our call centre will call the client back and complete the sale. This is simplified by the use of USSD and AVM.

    Our use of multichannel communication tools, which includes SMS, AVM and e-mail, allows us to get back to a client that has responded to an offer within 1 minute, of responding. This means that our closing ratio is around 30% higher than our competitors.

  • CDA Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Collective Dynamics) is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, license number 47884.

  • Business Process Outsourcing


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    Policy Fulfillment

    Client Services and Sales

    Call Compliance Assessment

    Client Retention

    Analytics and Reporting

  • Policy Fulfillment

    Business Process Outsourcing

    Effective and timely communication is paramount to successfully collecting premiums and maintaining policyholders’ cover. Our experience show that the sooner one communicates with a new policyholder after they have purchased a product, particularly through Direct Marketing channels, the more likely they are to pay the first premium.

    We issue policy documents within 48 hours after receipt of a sale, either via e-mail or post. Our automated and date-stamped processes ensure that all communication processes are relevant and complete.

    However, sending policy documents immediately is not always feasible and we have found that using various multi-media solutions (AVM,SMS,USD) will provide clients with tangible confirmation and key information for claims purposes, even before documents have been sent to them.

    Policy Fulfillment Client Services and Sales Call Compliance Assessment Retention Analytics and Reporting
  • Client Services and Sales

    Business Process Outsourcing

    We have two call centres each having specific focus areas and functions.

    Our multi-skilled Inbound Customer Service team is proficient across several products from various product owners, allowing us to offer our clients a professional and cost effective solution. We believe that servicing a customer is not only about being available, but also about making sure that we proactively service them based on what we know about them.

    Our agents are incentivised on service first and foremost and are managed on their ability to represent our client’s brand. Secondly, our agents are incentivised on the ability to retain customers and offer additional products where applicable.

    Our Outbound Call Centre is a specialised environment focused on marketing to existing and previous policyholders. We have consistently out-performed our competitors and are proud of, not only our sales results in this environment, but the quality of business that we generate for our underwriters.

    Our dedicated Call Compliance Assessors are focused, not only on ensuring 100% adherence to compliance requirements, but on continuously coaching and driving principles such as Treating Customers Fairly throughout both our call centres.

    Policy Fulfillment Client Services and Sales Call Compliance Assessment Retention Analytics and Reporting
  • Call Compliance Assessment

    Business Process Outsourcing

    As a consequence of greater accountability placed by the Regulator on the Product Owner, many Underwriters do not have the capacity or skills to manage the additional oversight required to validate their partners’ or binder holders’ compliance processes.

    Whether the binding function happens within the Underwriters’ organisation or via outsourced partners. Product Owners now have to acquire the necessary tools and resources to assess their potential compliance risk with each partner, as treating Customers Fairly is a non-negotiable in our Financial Services Industry.

    With significant experience in this area, together with our involvement in regulatory developments and workshops, we have the expertise to offer - Call Compliance Assessment solutions to our clients.

    We have a team of skilled Assessors, who will, utilising a comprehensive scoring tool, assess sales calls and or processes and provide our clients with an independent view on compliance and quality of their sales teams.

    Our reports provide the Product Owner and sales team, with an overall quality score on an individual, a team, or on a campaign level. It will automatically and immediately notify relevant management teams of concerns or key transgressions to enable quick remedial action. Product Owners now have the ability to pro-actively and independently assess their partners’ service and sales quality, to ensure that their offering to the policyholder remain above reproach.

    Policy Fulfillment Client Services and Sales Call Compliance Assessment Retention Analytics and Reporting
  • Client Retention

    Business Process Outsourcing

    It is one thing focusing on the acquisition of a customer, but maintaining or ensuring the maximisation of the lifespan of one is a completely different focus and is as important (if not more important) as your acquisition strategy.

    Therefore we work with our clients to develop a retention strategy based on their product and target market. We have developed different tools, such as ODDS and various communication strategies to drive the lifespan of your customer base.

    Reporting is the key driver and without this real-time reporting one could miss the opportunity to retain a customer. We provide, our customers with relevant reporting tools and analysis to enable pro-active retention strategies.

    The various channels that we use to communicate with our clients’ customers include:

    • 1. SMS
    • 2. Automated Voice Messaging service
    • 3. USSD
    • 4. E-mail
    • 5. Outbound call centre.

    Although these are all tools that are relatively simple to use, if the right tool is not used with the right target market, a retention strategy could become ineffective and costly.

    Policy Fulfillment Client Services and Sales Call Compliance Assessment Retention Analytics and Reporting
  • Analytics and Reporting

    Business Process Outsourcing

    Having worked extensively with premium collections, we know that accurate and reliable reporting is important, but that timing is essential to ensure that changes or challenges are quickly identified and remedied.

    In-depth analysis based on years of client specific requests has culminated in a suite of relevant, user-friendly reports.

    These reports allow our clients to remain in control of their book of business and manage the profitability per initiative or period.

    Our Reporting Solution can be applied to most collection datasets to provide insights based on key measures and industry norms, which will drive sales and new marketing strategies. Talk to us about reporting solutions created to improve business decisions without extensive integration.

    Based on over a decade of business intelligence Collective Dynamics launched our analytical scoring tool – ODDS – which allows our clients to select the right customer base to target for their products through direct marketing.

    Policy Fulfillment Client Services and Sales Call Compliance Assessment Retention Analytics and Reporting
  • CDA Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Collective Dynamics) is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, license number 47884.